Nangor Road Management Company Limited

Managing Agent

Oakfield Trust Limited provides a service as Managing Agent to Management Companies incorporated for business parks, commercial, retail or office developments.  The aim of Oakfield Trusts service is to relieve the owners from the concerns of the day to day running of their developments through the provision of a professionally managed service which ensures that their investment is protected.


As Managing Agents our principal functions can include:

•  Attendance at Board Meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
•  Management of the finances of the company through the operation and maintenance of a company current account.
•  Coordination of and attendance at quarterly meetings with members and directors.
•  Preparation of Financial Reports for Management Meetings.
•  Appointment of a company auditor to finalise annual returns to the Inspector of Taxes and Collector General.
•  Liaison with the Management Company's Auditors and issuing of Audit Reports & Financial Statements.    
•  Liaison with the Management Company's Legal adviser, and other professional advisers, as necessary.


Preparation of Service Charge Budgets to include:

•  Common Area Electricity Charges
•  Common Area Maintenance including Garden & Ground Maintenance                 
•  Block Insurance Charges   
•  Security Provision
•  Auditor Fees
•  Secretarial Fees
•  Weekly Maintenance Visits
•  Provision of a Reserve/Sinking Fund to allow for budgeting for any major capital  expenditure items 
•  Advice on Block Insurance Matters and handling of common area insurance claims
•  Apportionment and collection of Service Charges from the owners.
•  Routine site inspections by Oakfield Trust personnel.
•  Negotiation with and management of sub-contractors by agreement with members.
•  Obtain quotations & proposals from qualified contractors, as necessary.    
•  Check, approve and pay creditors' invoices.
•  Attend to email enquiries and written correspondence from owners & tenants.
•  Issue information and advices to the new owners - obtain contact addresses.
•  Deal with breaches of House Rules.
•  Arrange & supervision of routine common area repairs and maintenance contracts.


Contact Details

Unit D, Nangor Road Business Park, Nangor Road, Dublin 12.                                                                                              
Tel: (01) 450 8748