About us

Oakfield Trust, established in 1996 in Clondalkin, is a community based social enterprise.  Oakfield Trust was established in response to the need from community based projects and agencies to find suitable premises in the Clondalkin area.  At that time community projects were concerned with a number of property related issues as: availability and suitability of premises, location and quality of premises, rental rates, security of tenure and terms & conditions of tenancy agreements, e.g. length of leases etc.


Oakfield Trust was established in partnership with South Dublin County Partnership (SDCP), or Clondalkin Partnership as it was then.  Representatives on the Board of Oakfield Trust today still include representatives from the Partnership, founding members, community representatives and Directors with specialist skills in areas such as: spatial planning, property development, financial planning and community based service providers.

Oakfield Trust, the trading name of two separate companies, has a property portfolio of three commercial properties, let to anchor tenants, and approximately ten properties leased.  These leased properties are sub-let to a number of other community based organisations.  The two companies that make up Oakfield Trust are: Clondalkin Community Property Development Company established in 1996 with Charitable Status and aligned in terms of policies and boundaries to CPLN Area Partnership (SDCP), and Clondalkin Community Property Leasing Company established in 2001, and VAT registered. 


Both companies are limited by guarantee, not having share capital and have the same voluntary Board of Directors.  

All profits from Oakfield Trust are reinvested in the above named companies and/or have been used to support other community based projects and social enterprises in the Clondalkin area.  Oakfield Trust has provided a range of very critical and significant supports to a number or projects in the Clondalkin area in the form of: feasibility studies, start-up grants, business development supports, project loans, project management and capacity development for social enterprises.

Oakfield Trust, as a pilot initiative, also manages a small commercial business park in Clondalkin.  This initiative is proving positive and could possibly be replicated and/or used as leverage for other initiatives.



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