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Welcome to Oakfield Trust

Supporting projects in the Clondalkin area

Oakfield Trust has been based in Clondalkin for over 26 years. We provide a range of property-based services and related supports for community and local projects. These supports offer projects a chance to develop and succeed - thereby benefitting the whole community.

Our primary activity is Property Management & Development involving the acquisition, customisation and management of properties that are leased to organisations working with marginalised groups in socially excluded communities.

However, we have also provided assistance to local organisations in the form of Project Development Loans and Grants as well as New Build Project Management. We would welcome the opportunity to help your organisation should you need our assistance.

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Our Services

Oakfield Trust provides a range of property-based services and related supports. Our primary activity is Property Management & Development involving the acquisition, customisation, and management of properties which we lease to organisations that work with marginalised groups and socially excluded communities. In certain circumstances we also provide assistance with project management, capacity development, feasibility studies, project loans, business development supports and start-up grants..

About us

Oakfield Trust was established in 1996 as an independent company, working closely with the Clondalkin Partnership. As the partnership expanded its reach to become the South Dublin County Partnership (SDCP) Oakfield Trust also widened its scope within the community. Oakfield Trust is the trading name of Clondalkin Community Property.

Our Objectives

Our aim is to help local projects and organisations that benefit the community. All profits from Oakfield Trust are reinvested into our companies to consolidate and expand the range of properties we can make available to the community as well as supporting other community-based projects and local organisations in the Clondalkin area. Oakfield Trust is continually researching ways to help community-based projects to prosper.

CRA No: 20041861
Company Registered No: 256915
Registered Charity No: CHY 13443